History - Lords of the Manor

Sir John de St. Philibert – b.1293, in Sulham, Berkshire paid homage in 1313, confirmed in 1316/7, died in Gascogne in 7th Edward III (Feb 1333), m. (1313) Ada, daughter of John de Botetourt. Reeve and dispenser present at that time suggests mansion built by Blakehams still present. Fought for Edward’s II and III. Made Governor of Bordeaux in 1331.

de St. Philbert



7th Edward II

7th Edward III

Hugh de St. Philibert b. 1259 Eaton Hastings, Berkshire, m. Alice de Blakeham (Sister of Benedict, b.1274)  in 1292, d.31st Dec 1304 – gained lands in Suffolk & Norfolk via wife from Benedict de Blakeham. Summonded by Edward I to parliament in 1298, constantly in King’s service in the Scottish and Gascon wars from 1296-1304

John de St. Philibert – born 1328. Succeeded at age 6. no issue, had 3 sisters, released manor to Sir Richard & Margery (sister of John) de Plays in 25th Edward III (1351). He fought under the Black Prince in the French wars, and five times crossed the Channel in his retinue and died in 1359 ‘in parts beyond the seas’. Elaborate gothic tomb canopy in All Saints’ Church, Chelsworth. Only son St John died aged 2, one day after his mother had died in 1360/1.

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