A Stroll Around Chelsworth

Bernard & Heather Quinlan's,  'A Gentle stroll' around Chelsworth Village - Click the right arrow to move on.

On the crown of the bend opposite the old schoolhouse, we can look across towards the houses shown on the postcard entitled The Corner, Chelsworth.

A substantial cottage stood there until 1937, when as council records show, it was condemned and pulled down. Its occupants were rehoused in the first pair of council houses built at the west end of the village.

It was owned and occupied for many years by members of the Gage family, and a close examination of the old pictures suggests that, like other Gage dwellings, it incorporated a butcher’s shop at one end.

Let us end our walk by crossing the bridge and taking the road towards Lindsey. Past the turning to the Old Hall, we come upon houses for which we have no old pictures. Bridge Farm Cottages to the left are new; but the Old Coach House, below, and Gardener’s Cottage were converted from farm buildings relatively recently.