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Sadly Bernard is no longer with us but his prolific research and published findings most certainly are.  Each of the documents Bernard created and used has been digitally re-mastered and converted into pdf format.  See the icons below.

In 1870, a survey was made of the population and homes of the whole of Chelsworth.  As part of this process, photographs were taken of every house and cottage in the village, and every resident was listed. The results were recorded in a pre-printed and bound ledger.

In "snapshot" form, the archive records the state of the community in a unique way which helps us to understand the patterns of family life and housing at that point in time.

Together with the census carried out just a few months later - in April 1871 - which records the origins and occupations of the residents, it provides us with a good picture of life in those days, whereby we who live in Chelsworth at the beginning of the 2nd following century, can contrast our own circumstances with those of our predecessors.

The original 1870 document cannot be found. We do though have Bernard's summaries, and it's these we have recreated here.

The Household Survey has Page numbers referring to specific pages of the Original Survey, and therefore should be ignored.

We hope that at some point in the future, if the original Survey document is found and digitised, we can display it here and recreate the original links.

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Where does one start to compile such data and represent it in a form easily understood: you talk to Bernard Quinlan.