The Village - Lost Houses

Marshes' stood right next to Meadow Cottage on The Street. There was a sweet shop at least in the early 20th Century.

The Abbott family owned condsiderable lands at the West End of the village, including Clovers, the Hall house built by that family in th 15th century. The history of Clovers in complex but well detailed in Heather and Bernard's carefully researched history of the house. The house was artificially divided in two because of inheritance disputes. The north part fell into disrepair and was pulled down around 1800 to be replaced by the row of cottages pictured to the left, in Cakebridge Lane. These are shown in 1870 and were demolished in 1937 to make way for the first council houses.

Others such as Swallows, the Parsonage House, Howletts, the House by the Pound, the Church Meadow Almshouses, Abbott's, Hayward's, Gooding's, Churchman's, Monks, the fulling mill and Mynne’s Mansion, are mentioned in the Manor Court Rolls and other records but were lost long before the age of photography.