The Village - The People

The first photograph is of two ladies of the Pocklington family on a punt on the River Brett at The Grange. The punt was built by Geoffrey Pocklington himself. The photograph was taken on 7th June 1911 by Chris Cullen's great-grandfather Harry Jarman. The second is of the local butcher's shop in around 1900.

Though the appearance of much of the village has changed surprisingly little in the last 100 years or so, the way residents of the village live their daily lives has changed in ways unimaginable even 20-30 years ago, let alone 150 years ago when the earliest photographs of the village were taken.

Bernard Quinlan's, revised and updated second edition of Geoffrey Pocklington's 'Chelsworth - The Story of a Little Suffolk Village (1996)' has a wealth of fascinating detail of how life was from Saxon times to the present day.   The following pages show a selection of photographs of the village and its inhabitants.

If you have, or know of any more interesting photos of village life please do let us know. Though we have many photos from 1860 to 1950 we have little after this period.