History - Lords of the Manor

Chronological list of the Lords of the Manor of Chelsworth from 962 AD

King Edgar the Peaceable, King of All Britain 959-975

Before 962


Aethelflaed of Domerham, elder of two daughters of Alfgar, Earldorman of the Wilsaetas. In 944, she became second wife of Edmund I The Magnificent and stepmother of King Edgar.


Abbey of St. Edmund

4th Edgar

4th Edgar








10th Richard I

15th Henry III

37th Henry III

55th Henry III

25th Edward I

30th Edward I

Benedict de Blakeham – still by 1202/3 (4th John)

Thomas de Blakeham

Benedict de Blakeham b.1215

Sir Benedict de Blakeham (Steward of the Household of Alianor, The Queen Mother). b.1240. Summoned against the Welsh in 10th Edward I (1281/2), died 12th Edward I (1283/4). m. 1271 Joan (b.1254), only child of William and Isabella de Hastings

Benedict de Blakeham – born and baptised in Chelsworth in 4th Edward I (1275/6). Paid homage for his lands to Edward I in 1297.

Thomas de Blakeham (Stewart of the Liberty of St. Edmund – Lord for life, uncle of Benedict, he died 1304