An Illustrated Social History

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Our centuries-old landscape, our

local traditions and our village community

This Illustrated Social History was created by Bernard and Heather Quinlan during the 1990's, but never published.

It is re-constructed here in its entirety from the sole surviving copy of the manuscript, using as much of the original material as is available, together with modern photographs where appropriate.

All italicised text has been drawn from historic material.

The Sixth Walk - Reflecting on Finance and Economics - Down through Chelsworth Park

The Seventh Walk - Reflecting on Politics and Government - Down Dead Lane

The Eighth Walk - Reflecting on Queens and Kings - Through Culfen

The Ninth Walk - Reflecting on Science and Technology - Towards Bildeston by the Town Field

The Tenth Walk - Reflecting on The Arts - Down from Wild Irish by Mill Lane

The Eleventh Walk - Reflecting on The Written Word - To Kettlebaston, and back by way of Cakebreads

The Twelfth Walk - Along the Street From West to East

Appendix I

Composite Map of the Walks

Appendix II

Our Landscape - the Physical Face of Chelsworth

Appendix III

The Manorial System in Chelsworth

Appendix IV

A Brief Chronology 1707-1739

Appendix V

Sources of Information


An Explanatory Preface

An Introduction to the Early 18th Century

Chelsworth Yesterday and Today

1.     The People of the Village

2.     What Does The Place Look Like?

3.     Daily Life In Chelsworth

4.     Special Events

5.     Travel & Transport

6.     Social Manners

7.     Leisure Activities

8.     Local Government & Justice

9.     The Quality Of Life In Chelsworth

The First Walk - Reflecting on The Condition of Agriculture - Up Claypit Lane to the Town Lands

The Second Walk - Reflecting on The Condition of Poor People - To Chelsworth Common and down Croft Lane

The Third Walk - Reflecting on The Condition of Rich People - From Nedging Mill through East Field

The Fourth Walk - Reflecting on War and Peace - Up Pibotts Hill, at the South End of the Parish

The Fifth Walk - Reflecting on The State of Religion - Through the Park and up Clay Hill