An Illustrated Social History

Appendix V

Sources of Information

The main archive on which this historical account of Chelsworth is based is the Manor Court Rolls. These, and the other records, are all kept in the Suffolk Record Office at Bury St Edmunds. Book D, covering the years 1707-1739, has been the main source for this book.

Useful secondary sources are the glebe terriers, listing the rector’s property holdings and also detailing the parochial charities and almshouses, together with the Tithe Apportionment Map of 1839, and the many surviving wills and probate inventories.

There are also two other important documents:

     -     the Survey of the Manor of Chelsworth, compiled in 1632, which gives details of all freehold and copyhold properties, their owners and the rents they pay. (It was not without its errors, though).

     -     the Rent Roll of 1737, probably prepared for Robert Pocklington, the incoming Lord of the Manor. In summary terms, it lists current and past landowners and the rents they each pay to the Lord. Unfortunately, it does not set out details of the properties to which the payments relate.