The Village - Services & Amenities

As we have already explained, the Emergency Services people like to know your Map Grid Reference as it makes you easier to find in an emergency. Make a note of it and keep it in plain view near the telephone.

We recommend you use this link, to find your exact grid reference from the web site at  

In order to aid the emergency services, we are willing to list every house grid reference here.

Please find yours and email to:

Here are some useful examples.


Junction of Parsonage Lane and The Street

Village Hall

Junction of Hall Road and the Bridge

The Peacock

The Grange

All Saints Church

Junction of Claypit Lane and The Street

Chelsworth Woodland

Mid Street (Riverside)

Junction of Cakebridge Lane and The Street

Chestnut Cottage

TL 984481

TL 983481

TL 982479

TL 982480

TL 981479

TL 980479

TL 980480

TL 979482

TL 978480

TL 976480

TL 983480